Educational Principles & HighScope

Narnia uses HighScope methodology to scaffold children's learning through their own natural curiosity to learn. The daily routine of HighScope offers active learning opportunities to all children based on their own interests and aims to...

HighScope is internationally known as a centre for research, curriculum development and professional training focusing on the learning and development of children from infancy to teenage years. Siolta, the National Quality Framework for Irish Early Childhood Education was published in 2006 and draws heavily on HighScope principles. Narnia has been at the forefront of best practice since inception.

More information on HighScope's aims, processes and methodology can be found at

What about Montessori?

Montessori is an educational model and an approach developed initially in the early 1900s in Italy. Our Director was originally Montessori trained. Many of our staff our also trained in Montessori and we welcome that because it is considered a sound approach to early years education and beyond and is certainly tried and tested. However now there are a range of practices and standards that exist under the Montessori name.

Highscope has some things in common with the fundamental Montessori teachings but we believe it is a thoroughly more modern approach to early years that prepares children better for the rest of their education and life in the present day. We also believe that it continues to have a clearer direction and a more integrated community that is going from strength to strength.