Narnia Nursery was founded in 1990 by our Director Niamh Leeney when she could not find a suitable day care service for her own youngest daughter in Dublin. The service has grown from those first few children to a vibrant multi-site service without ever compromising on quality. Niamh is a fully qualified Froebel teacher, with a B.A. degree in languages and is also trained in HighScope Ireland. She still works closely with the management and team leaders to ensure Narnia delivers a service second to none in South County Dublin. Now, as then, our aim remains the same - "Cosy comfort, gentle care". We provide a gentle, caring, home-from-home atmosphere and environment where all children can be encouraged to thrive.

Welcome to our website, where we hope to tell you everything you need to know about us with the minimum pomp and circumstance. We don't believe you need to see private moments of our staff and families nor stock photos of model children we have never met. If you like what you read here WE want to meet YOU so come in and see us!

Our Parents want their children to ..

We Believe
  • in not compromising on costs
  • in rewarding our staff for their excellence to the best of our ability in the current childcare climate
  • in being figureheads in the industry to drive quality up and costs down
  • that HighScope is the best model of early education and care to help children become their best selves for modern society
We Commit To
  • caring for our children and parents
  • maintaining a stable and mature team of teachers and management
  • adapting to changes in children, families and the industry and prioritizing quality of care
  • providing access to care to as many families as we can while keeping our ratios low
  • listening to your needs and providing a home-from-home environment
The Results Will Be
  • Your peace of mind ..
    • that you couldn't get better care for you and your children anywhere else
    • that we will keep your costs as low as possible without compromising on quality
    • that you will know about how your child is progressing
    • that you will be listened to
  • Children ..
    • with strong senses of self
    • with empathy for others
    • who are great learners
    • who are self-actualised